About Us

We’re not an advertising agency or marketing firm. We don’t have a sales team, big presses or a fancy office downtown. We are a graphic design studio supporting all industries. Visual art for every purpose and platform. You will talk to Troy Sayers when you contact us, so why are we saying we and us? Because we utilize recources and partners as we need them. It allows our business to be light on our feet and offer the best service and price possible. 

The Beginning

I was born in 1962 in Newfoundland, Canada of American parents stationed there in the military.

The Journey

Dad was in the Coast Guard so we lived all over but always on the coast. At the age of 10 Mom recgonized my love for art and enrolled me in oil painting classes at the local community college. I studied art at Ohio University & Clatsop College but I’m mostly self taught.

The Work

My first real gig was at an ad agency in Philadelphia doing work for Macy’s and other east coast retailers. At this time I was the colorist for Marvel Comics title “Darkhawk” for thirteen issues as well as coloring Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck & Scrooge Comics for Disney.
My paintings and sculpture have been exhibited in The Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Columbus Museum of Art, the Pennsylvania State Capitol and numerous galleries in Philadelphia
and New York.


My experience comes together even in the smallest of jobs. I approach a web banner as if it’s a minature canvas. I am rejunivated and thrive on large scale murals and on-site installations. My best work is yet to come!


My first exhibition was at the Kling Gallery in Philadelphia. I later had shows in New York at Ariel Gallery in SOHO and numerous other venues. This pic was taken from the mezannine at the Pennsylvania State Capitol during a solo show in the rotunda.


On-Site Painting a Mural

Recently I've done several large scale murals. Here I am on a lift in Athens, Ohio painting a 30’ x 16’ mural depicting the historic Berry Hotel that was once there.


In the Studio

When I’m not creating ads, web banners or murals you may find me in the studio painting or sculpting.

Contact Us

We are always ready to talk about
creative stuff!

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We love working with so many different businesses. It gives us a chance to make something great, have fun and create a mutually satisfying project.  

Giving Back

In 2014 Sayers founded Center for Accessible Art a registered 501c3 non profit. Our mission is to make art accessible to segments that wouldn’t otherwise have access.

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