I was born in Newfoundland, Canada in 1962 of American parents in the military. My mother recognized my talent at a young age and encouraged it by buying me artist materials and enrolling me in oil painting classes at the age of ten. I continued to study art throughout school going on to Clatsop College and Ohio University.
I started my career freelancing for Philadelphia ad agencies designing ads for Macy’s, The Bon Ton, Strawbridge & Clothier and many other east coast retailers. At this time I worked for Marvel Comics as colorist on thirteen issues of “Darkhawk”. I also colored Mickey Mouse, Uncle Scrooge & Donald Duck comic books for Disney.
In 1989 I had my first solo gallery exhibition at The Kling Gallery in Philadelphia. I have gone on to exhibit in The Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Columbus Museum of Art, The Pennsylvania State Capitol and numerous galleries and group exhibitions.
Looking forward I am integrating technology into my art in several ways. I am shooting and editing video of the process every time I work in the studio making the process as important as the finished pieces. The videos then become a record and an important part of the art. I am also working on non-visual art for the visually impaired. I have carved my paintings in bas-relief and added heating and cooling elements to indicate to the viewer where the warm and cool tones occur in the painting. In May of 2014 I founded Center For Accessible Art a registered 501C3 non-profit entity making art accessible to those who wouldn’t otherwise have access to it.

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